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Some words about SUMMER'S BLOG

I love peanut butter, avocado and oatmeal. Not together of course, but nearly any recipe that calls for these ingredients I'll probably enjoy. I have the misfortune of living with some food sensitivities but the extreme fortune of knowing what those sensitivities are - gluten (only mild, thank goodness), nightshades, lactose, and refined sugar. I'm not a formally trained chef, but I love cooking (and eating!) delicious, guilt-free food. I'm a fitness model, certified nutrition coach, trainer and an IFBB pro bikini athlete... and I eat 6 times a day. When I'm not in the kitchen preparing something extraordinary, I'm - in the gym, rushing off to an audition, at a photo shoot, studying nutrition, or planning a vacation. Hope you enjoy my site! For nutrition consultations or more information on training, contact me at summerwhitefitness@gmail.com

Daily Archives: January 10, 2013



Fun Fit Foodie – Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and all organic

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My fascination with baking started many years ago, when I was just a wee lass. ┬áTruth be told, it’s probably less the physical labor, and more the end product that I love so much. Back then it was coffee cake,

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