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Some words about SUMMER'S BLOG

I love peanut butter, avocado and oatmeal. Not together of course, but nearly any recipe that calls for these ingredients I'll probably enjoy. I have the misfortune of living with some food sensitivities but the extreme fortune of knowing what those sensitivities are - gluten (only mild, thank goodness), nightshades, lactose, and refined sugar. I'm not a formally trained chef, but I love cooking (and eating!) delicious, guilt-free food. I'm a fitness model, certified nutrition coach, trainer and an IFBB pro bikini athlete... and I eat 6 times a day. When I'm not in the kitchen preparing something extraordinary, I'm - in the gym, rushing off to an audition, at a photo shoot, studying nutrition, or planning a vacation. Hope you enjoy my site! For nutrition consultations or more information on training, contact me at summerwhitefitness@gmail.com

What a Dandy idea!

Yesterday I got called into a commercial audition for a coffee company.  I was excited at first thought because coffee is something I know a lot about! I’ve chugged my fair share of the stuff for several years, purchased beans from all over the globe, and even toured a coffee plantation in the Dominican Republic. I wasn’t nervous in the least, knew my lines, and was ready to show the casting director what I was made of.  Unfortunately, it became clear to me that I forgot more about coffee than I realized.

I stepped into the casting room, slated for the camera (said my name and showed right and left profile shots), and then listened to the instructions by the camera man on how I would act out the scene. I was to scoop coffee grinds, then say my line. Easy enough, right?!  Well I forgot one simple question that probably could have secured my job and would have enabled me to act out the scene to its full extent. That question… is the coffee instant or filtered?

Since giving up coffee nearly 7 months ago, due to ongoing acid reflux (I thought I had controlled it with limiting tomatoes and eating tums), ulcers that I’ve probably lived with for years (but didn’t know I had), and difficult to deal with jitter-crash-fatigue symptoms, I’ve tried finding alternatives.  Matcha has been my saving grace for a slow-release caffeine replacement, but what was I to do about the flavor that I so strongly desired?

My coach, Kim Oddo, opened my eyes to acidity-free Dandy Blend!  This instant, herbal, coffee substitute is primarily made of dandelion root and is free of gluten (for those with sensitivities).  It contains over 50 trace minerals in each cup as is also free from the caffeine that sets you up for a day of intense highs and lows.  If you are looking for a coffee substitute, this is the way to go. The flavor and texture closely resemble a standard cup of coffee, and you can easily control the strength by adding more or less of the instant mix to your cup.

So that’s where I went wrong in my audition!!! I’ve been getting used to instant alternative joe for so many darn months that I forgot how to brew a cup of coffee! The casting director said coffee grinds! That means… coffee maker. Duh!  Had I just pretended to press a darn button, I would’ve been that much closer to commercial success. Back to workshop I go! I’ll be enjoying my Dandy Blend in class.

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